Akrivis believes that sustainability and modular construction must be a huge focus as the next wave of IT infrastructure is implemented that’s why our precision cooling is key to achieving maximum energy efficiency for data centre cooling.

It is predicted that by 2025, 75% of all enterprise data will be created and processed at the Edge. This will cause energy usage within networks and edge spaces to outpace data centres. There will continue to be a large shortfall in the requirement for skilled site construction personnel, and consequently, most of this infrastructure will have to be fabricated in factory environments using packaged components and systems that are easy to install, commission and maintain.

With these industry constraints in mind, Aubren has developed the ‘Akrivis’ range of fully packaged air conditioning units which are typically mounted to the outer walls of Prefabricated Modular Data Centres (PMDCs). Akrivis, the Greek word for ‘precise’ or ‘accurate’, describes what Aubren has achieved – systems that can operate in the most demanding environments, using the least energy and still delivering exactly the specified indoor air climate.

As the Akrivis units are fully packaged, factory or site installation is simple – connect the electrical power and communication cables – Akrivis units are ready to run with its precision cooling solution. The is no requirement for refrigeration charging, pipe welding or commissioning as all of this is carried out by Aubren in a controlled factory environment. When multiple units are deployed on the same PMDC for capacity or backup redundancy reasons, they are connected to a single LED touchscreen from which all of the units can be accessed.

precision cooling

Off-site remote monitoring, parameter updating and logging of conditions are available. Akrivis cooling solutions are developed to avoid using indoor space and offer seamless outdoor installation. They can be used for new or retrofit installations where substantial space and energy savings can be achieved. There are also indoor-mounted models in the range.

Akrivis software manages the dual cooling modes to achieve maximum energy efficiency and precision cooling. The outdoor air temperature, and importantly for PMDC’s air quality, is carefully monitored so that the system seamlessly moves from free-cooling mode to variable speed mechanical cooling as required. Machine Learning software features are deployed to fine-tune each installation, matching the free cooling parameters with the heat load pattern on the PMDC.

Cooling capacities ranging from 600W to 50 Kw are available so that Akrivis solutions can be deployed across small applications such as street telecom cabinets to large PMDC’s for Fibre to the Home, Fibre connectivity applications and Edge Datacentre installs.  Akrivis cooling is already being deployed across many of the critical bandwidth infrastructure companies providing connectivity between Europe’s network of large data centres. Projects currently underway include the fibre links between Paris and Marseille and Paris and Strasbourg. Subsea fibre landing stations require the precision and reliability offered by Akrivis, as was the case for the recently deployed link between Galway and Iceland. Sustainability is fast becoming the new standard for investing. Sustainable companies can outperform their competitors, showing better returns and corporate longevity. Sustainability leaders secure lower-cost capital at an average of ~100 basis points less than sector laggards. Consequently, when the largest Fibre to the Home network rollout in the UK was being planned, Akrivis cooling solutions with PUE levels as low as 1.04 were the obvious choice.

Even in warm climates, and with the correct hardware and software, very substantial savings can be achieved by managing the deployment of free ambient and mechanical cooling. Pre-Covid, the Akrivis solutions were deployed across one thousand two hundred of the du Telecom sites in the United Arab Emirates. With this investment, du Telecom achieved a 20% reduction in electricity consumed across their network and delivered upon their corporate sustainability goals.

As the next wave of IT infrastructure is implemented, sustainability and modular construction must be a huge focus. That is why Akrivis cooling solution is built to perform in the heat of the Middle East or the cold of Canadian winters.