Leverage Specialist Expertise in Air Cleaning and Air Cooling

Complete, advanced solutions from Aubren, the specialists in mission-critical, air cooling and cleaning.

Specialist Expertise. Specialist units.

The Akrivis solution has been developed by Aubren, an established centre of excellence in critical air solutions. All solutions are specified and fabricated to order at Aubren’s advanced manufacturing facility in Ireland. Our talented team will work with your team to explore what you need and deliver the precise solution you require. Tailored solutions featuring the latest technologies, driving extensive energy payback.

  • The agility to deliver what you need, when you need it.

    Expect quick iterations, fast turnaround times, and flexible production runs.

  • Giving you a proven competitive edge.

    Use Akrivis superior performance to gain a competitive edge. We’ll arm you with the stats to prove superior cooling, cleaning and energy performance in your geography.

  • Worldwide application.

    Made-to-order, delivered globally, to handle your toughest conditions.

We are seeking to cool and clean air for the most demanding, most mission-critical requirements, while minimising energy usage
Driving innovation and progress with some of the world’s most advanced modular building and edge data centre providers as well as supporting the extensive retrofitting of existing infrastructure.
Aubrey Nuzum, CEO, Akrivis

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Talk to our engineers about your needs and find out how Akrivis can help advance air cooling, or cleaning, in your modular buildings and cabins. Where appropriate we can also put you in touch with our local partners.