Smart Sandstorm Detection and Direct Expansion Cooling

Akrivis sandstorm recirculated direct expansion cooling

  • Project Name:
    Sandstorm Detection & Direct Expansion Cooling
  • Location:
    Middle East
  • Application:
    Air Handling
  • Client:
    Client based in the Middle East

Overcoming Sandstorm-Related Hurdles in Direct Air-Cooling Systems 

In regions prone to sandstorms, the use of direct air-cooling systems faces significant hurdles. Airborne particles not only clog filters but also reduce the overall efficiency and longevity of the cooling systems. This problem is particularly acute in environments where sandstorms are frequent, necessitating frequent maintenance and filter replacements. The challenge was to develop a system that could detect sandstorms in real-time and switch the cooling method to preserve the filters and maintain efficiency. 

Solution: Advanced Sandstorm Detection System for Efficient Air-Cooling 

Akrivis tackled this challenge by developing an advanced sandstorm detection system designed specifically for direct air-cooling applications. The development of this functionality involves integrating sensors into the air path to measure the particle count continuously. The software then analyses this data and using machine learning logic compares the readings with background levels and detects a sandstorm. Once an active sandstorm is detected, direct free cooling is prohibited until conditions return to normal. Once the sandstorm has ceased, direct free cooling will automatically resume. 

When a sandstorm is detected, the system automatically prohibits direct free cooling and switches to recirculated direct expansion cooling. This switch helps to prevent the filters from dealing with a large intake of particles, thereby avoiding rapid clogging. Once the sandstorm subsides and conditions return to normal, the system resumes direct free cooling. 

This innovative approach offers several key benefits including: 

  • Filter Longevity and Efficiency: By minimising particle intake during sandstorms, the system extends the life of filters and maintains their efficiency, ensuring a large air volume can be processed for cooling. 
  • Cost Reduction: The need for frequent site visits to replace or clean filters is significantly reduced, leading to substantial cost savings. 

The entire development process was conducted at Aubren’s headquarters in Portlaoise, Ireland, with testing carried out at selected sites in the Middle East in collaboration with the Akrivis team based there. This successful implementation underscores the capability of Aubren’s technology to adapt and thrive in challenging environmental conditions. 

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