Air cooling solutions for Prefabricated Modular Data Centres

Easy to integrate solutions for Prefabricated Modular Data Centres

Akrivis, is a specialist partner working with you to deliver reliable, high-performance, energy-efficient cooling solutions.

Prefabricated modular data centre (PMDC) construction allows data centre owners to build faster, cheaper, safer and at scale. Akrivis cooling solution is suitable for prefabrication modular construction builds.

Clients Include

To your specific

Free cooling

Achieve up to 100%
free cooling.

Low Footprint

From manufacture, to
package, to operation.

Shipped worldwide

Made in Ireland,
delivered worldwide.

Plug & play

Delivered fully tested
& configured.


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Talk to our engineers about your needs and find out how Akrivis can help advance air cooling, or cleaning, in your modular buildings and cabins. Where appropriate we can also put you in touch with our local partners.