Packaged, Integrated, Plug-and-play, Compact AHUs

Fully-packaged and compact air handling units for standalone medical and healthcare applications. The DAQS DM Series by Akrivis.


Low-energy, plug-and-play, reliable, and compact AHUs

  • Operating Theatres.
  • Scanner Rooms.
  • Endoscopy Treatment Rooms.
  • Laboratories.
  • Step Down and Recovery Rooms.
  • Positive, Negative or Balanced Pressure Rooms.
  • Isolation Rooms.
  • General Medical Applications.

Industry leading DM Series

Powerful, energy and space-efficient machines.

  • Space efficient: Pioneering vertical design, top duct-connections. Supply, extract, heat recovery and exhaust in one space-efficient device.
  • Exceptional energy efficiency: Extremely low SFP, high airflow and static capability, built in heat recovery, low relative input power.
  • Easy installation: Packaged, integrated, plug-and-play solution for reduced installation time and cost. Supplied in sections, suitable for plant room or in-room applications, fits in standard goods elevators and through standard door openings.
  • Simple to maintain: Easy swap out of critical components, all single-point failure components are changeable within 20 minutes, easy access to all internal components, low-power LED lighting in all service sections.
  • Exceptional performance characteristics: The highest output-to-footprint ratio, extremely low SFP, very low noise, premium quality components, inherent redundancy options, completely segregated air paths.
  • Precise intelligent controls: Onboard controller, intelligent advanced insights, direct communication with BMS controls, onboard touchscreen display, full visibility on operating parameters.
  • Quality: Designed and produced to the highest quality standards in ISO-certified facilities, dedicated R&D testing lab, full functional and performance testing, skilled and experienced team.

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