Cutting edge ventilation system maintains theatre uptime in space constrained setting

  • Project Name:
    Torbay & Devon NHS Foundation Trust
  • Location:
  • Application:
    Air Handling
  • Client:
    Northern Torbay & Devon NHS Foundation Trust

A reliable solution, with constant uptime, for a complex multi-zone application.

The hospital required an air handling and ventilation solution for three zones across their theatre and recovery spaces. A key requirement was to maintain constant pressure across the three zones. An inherent redundancy system was critical to guarantee theatre uptime and allow an individual unit to be taken out of service for maintenance, with the other units increasing output to sustain demand. The AHU location was a tight, space constrained plantroom adjacent to the theatres.

The Akrivis DM Series, with its innovative compact vertical design, easy, front service access and the flexibility to deliver the unit in smaller, manageable sections for installation, was the ideal solution.

Three AHUs were installed to meet the requirements of the hospital ventilation project, with supply and extract through plenum boxes serving the three zones. Each AHU was fitted with a motorised damper so that each can be individually isolated for routine inspection and maintenance. Zones two and three were fitted with motorised dampers allowing for “set back” or “shut off” when not in use. Operating at full capacity, all three will provide the full design air flow (minimum 25 AC/h for theatres). However, if any two run at full speed, all zones get an acceptable minimum air flow (approx. 18 AC/h for theatres) and the facility can still be used under caution.

A unique, space-saving, reliable solution for a critical operation.


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