Mission critical air cleaning and air cooling units

Specialist units, for exceptional performance, ultra-low energy usage and outstanding reliability. Developed, specified and fabricated by Aubren, an established centre of excellence in critical air solutions.


To your specific

Free cooling

Achieve up to 100%
free cooling.

Low Footprint

From manufacture, to
package, to operation.

Shipped worldwide

Made in Ireland,
delivered worldwide.

Plug & play

Delivered fully tested
& configured.

How we do it

  • Highly Intelligent Controls
    Built to consistently monitor environmental conditions and automatically adjust performance to maximise energy efficient free cooling, with ebm-papst fans ensuring maximum air flow efficiency.
  • Precise Temperature Control
    Built-in, inverter driven, compressor envelope management drives precise temperature control for more efficient, accurate, performance.
  • Automatic Energy Adjustment
    Variable speed fans maintain constant air pressure and adjust motor speed to meet the air demand, with the intelligence to automatically fluctuate to lower flow, conserving energy and reducing running costs and carbon emissions.
  • Low Start-up Current
    The variable speed compressors and soft start EC fans ensure start-up currents never exceed maximum running current, reducing energy consumption.

How it works

Free Cooling Mode

The Akrivis EC cooling system contains a fully independent 48VDC free cooling system that provides free cooling when ambient conditions allow, without the need for dampers. Our intelligent controls utilise EC fans which modulate depending on the IT load and the ambient temperature. This ensures mechanical cooling is kept to a minimum and energy savings are maximised.

Mechanical Cooling Mode

When ambient temperatures are above setpoint, the Akrivis EC systems intelligent controls deactivates free cooling and enables mechanical DX cooling. The DX systems utilises a variable speed compressor, which ensures accurate temperature control while offering best in class efficiencies, reducing power consumption.

Outstanding Reliability

Build for uptime, built for reliability, built to perform in mission-critical environments.

  • Trusted, quality components

    We only select proven, highly reliable components from leading manufacturers. Including ebm-papst EC energy saving fans.

  • Built to our exacting standards

    Built in our 3,000m2 advanced manufacturing facility in Ireland, conforming to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards.

  • Fully CE compliant

    Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) 2014/30/EU, Machinery Directive (MD) 89/392/EEC version 2006/42/EC, Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU, Ecodesign 2009/125/EC.

  • 100% factory & conformance tested

    Each unit is fully factory tested before shipping, with all data recorded for complete component and unit tracking. Conformance tested to ASHRAE 90.4-2019 standards.

  • In-built self-protection & back-up

    Pre-programmed not to operate beyond its threshold, with automatic alarm triggering. Akrivis free cooling can also operate on back-up power in case of power failure.

  • Air quality control

    Free cooling air filtered up to F7 (MERV 13) for datacentre applications as per ASHRAE TC9.9 (2009a) & ISO 14644-1. The air quality is controlled with VOC and ultra-fine particle sensors.

  • Ingress protected & fire resistant

    Designed up to IP54 standard for outdoor use and features fire resistant class “O” (BS 476) insulation.

  • Wide operating range

    Proven to perform at extreme temperatures, from -40°C to +55°C.

Monitoring & Remote Alerts

The units support extensive remote alerts and monitoring including BMS & Field Bus connectivity via SNMP, Modbus®, BACnet™, HTTP, FTP, with an array of sensors delivering all key stats. Flexible I/O configured to your requirements, with extensive data recording in the event of abnormal situations.

The Ease of Plug & Play

Mount, plug in, switch on. Super-fast installation guarantees minimum onsite disruption and significantly reduces on site installation cost. With easy access to all components for inspection, maintenance and service.

Protecting The Environment

  • 100%

    Achieve up to 100% free cooling, reducing energy demand and consumption.

  • 80%

    Reduce your cooling carbon emissions by up to 80%

  • 1.04

    Achieve PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) as low as 1.04

  • F7

    Optional high efficiency filtration levels up to F7 (MERV13)


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Talk to our engineers about your needs and find out how Akrivis can help advance air cooling, or cleaning, in your modular buildings and cabins. Where appropriate we can also put you in touch with our local partners.