Customised, high performance, reliable modular unit solutions

Easy to integrate solutions for modular networks, telecoms and cleanrooms.

A specialist partner working with you to deliver reliable, high performance, energy efficient air cooling solutions.


Custom units to meet exact modular unit specifications, delivered at scale for edge data centres, 5G Infrastructure and FTTH (Fiber to the Home). Featuring intelligent, automatic energy adjustment to maximise free cooling, and advanced real-time remote monitoring and communications.
Clients Include

To your specific

Free cooling

Achieve up to 100%
free cooling.

Low Footprint

From manufacture, to
package, to operation.

Shipped worldwide

Made in Ireland,
delivered worldwide.

Plug & play

Delivered fully tested
& configured.

We have formed a strong partnership with Akrivis, providing innovative cooling products for our wide range of advanced steel equipment enclosures. They have applied their engineering expertise to design, make, and deliver outstanding air management products for us across many projects.
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Talk to our engineers about your needs and find out how Akrivis can help advance air cooling, or cleaning, in your modular buildings and cabins. Where appropriate we can also put you in touch with our local partners.