20 May 2024
Dr. John Tynan Leading the Way in Precision Air Cooling

Dr John Tynan is the Technical Director at Aubren Ltd. Akrivis is a range of precision air cooling and cleaning equipment that is designed and manufactured by Aubren. In this interview, John tells us about his plans for Akrivis product development at Aubren.

What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering and technology? 

From a young age I have been captivated by electro-mechanical products. I was always keen to figure out how products worked. Once I finished school, I decided to study engineering at university. This was a general entry engineering course, and I chose mechanical engineering in my third year. The specialist modules I selected were acoustics and aerodynamics.  After completing my undergraduate degree, I completed a research Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. During this time, I published many technical papers and developed a mindset for research and development, which we now use at Aubren. 

In my role now, I am still invigorated by learning new skills, and I enjoy seeing the team at Aubren developing. Team building and training has been a key focus since taking up my role as Technical Director. 

Akrivis Hands On Leadership Precision Air CoolingWhat strengths do you bring to your role as Technical Director at Aubren? 

In my role at Aubren, I focus on strategic product development. We have many diverse projects across the globe and work with a range of clients from healthcare to telecommunications and data centres. It is important to strategically focus on which products we choose to develop and bring to market. Products need to fulfill diverse requirements, and we need to remain flexible to our clients’ needs. A key focus here is that quality is maintained, even though we are focused on remaining flexible.  

How involved are you in the hands-on aspects of your work? 

I consider myself very hands-on.  I always keep up to date with current industry standards and methods. I still have a tool bag under my desk and regularly work with the engineering team during prototype builds and site acceptance handovers to clients. This direct involvement is critical to maintaining a strong product development mindset across the team.  

Akrivis Factory Floor Manufacturing Precision Air CoolingWhat does technology leadership mean to you, and how do you see Aubren as a technology leader? 

Technology leadership, for me, is a privileged position. Technology moves fast, and the team at Aubren also moves fast. This fast-paced environment means there is always a challenge and always something to learn. Developing the team to meet these challenges in the precision air handling industry is very enjoyable. Keeping focus on customer requirements and building close customer relationships also ensures that we are continually on the correct path. 

Aubren, and by extension Akrivis, are exceptional places to work. I started out as a design engineer at Aubren in 2010, and I have progressed through various roles. There is an innovative environment present that is often talked about in the manufacturing space but rarely as fast paced. The customer focus is sharp, and communication is quick. Processes are well-controlled and lean, such that prototypes are brought to the factory floor in a fraction of the time that would normally be expected. 

Akrivis Units Precision Air CoolingWhat does the future hold for Aubren and, in particular, the Akrivis product range? 

We have a clear roadmap in place for the Akrivis product range to develop precision air cooling and cleaning equipment for telecommunications, edge computing, and more recently, healthcare environments. Our EC range is focused on cooling for the modular, fiber, and edge data centre markets. The DM range is focused on healthcare, laboratory, and cleanroom applications. We are constantly reviewing industry requirements to ensure we are well-aligned to meet future needs.  

Since launching the Akrivis product range, we have been specified and implemented on numerous high-profile projects globally. One of our latest projects saw the development of an advanced system for detecting sandstorms for use in direct air-cooling applications in regions where airborne particles typically prohibit free cooling for periods of time. This system enhances filter longevity and efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and improving performance. By working closely with our clients and adapting to their specific needs we ensure that Akrivis maintains a strategic, sharp focus on future market requirements. 


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